Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 rumoured to not feature ‘100x Space Zoom’

The South Korean tech giant is reportedly ditching the feature with its next flagship smartphones

Note 10+

Unsurprisingly, Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy Note 20 is tipped to not feature the S20 Ultra’s controversial, gimmicky ‘100x Space Zoom’ camera functionality.

While undeniably cool, the S20 Ultra’s 100x zoom looks so grainy that objects in the image are barely recognizable, resulting in the over-hyped feature feeling like a gimmick. In reality, the S20 Ultra’s optical-digital zoom can really only be pushed to 30x before image quality starts to degrade significantly. According to frequent Samsung smartphone leaker Ice Universe, 100x Space Zoom isn’t coming to the Galaxy Note 20 series.

That said, it’s unclear exactly how far the Note 20’s and Note 20+’s cameras will be able to zoom, or if the larger smartphone will feature more significant zoom than its smaller counterpart.

The Note 20 series is rumoured to include a 108-megapixel shooter and a sensor featuring improved autofocus. This is great news, given that the S20 series features slow autofocus, with the issue being the worst with the S20 Ultra.

Samsung is rumoured to have plans to release both a Note 20 and a Note 20+. Previous reports indicate the Note 20 will feature 6.3-inch to 6.42-inch screen with a 2345 x 1084 pixel resolution, with the Note 20+ sporting a 6.8-inch to 6.87-inch screen at a 3096 x 1444 pixel resolution. Both smartphones are tipped to feature a variable refresh rate capable of switching between 60Hz and 120Hz to save battery life.

An image reportedly showing off the Note 20’s rear camera array recently leaked.

Samsung is expected to officially announce the Note 20 series in August.

Source: @UniverseIce Via: Android Authority