Instagram kills ‘Instagram Lite’ app, tells users to switch to regular app

You can enjoy a similar experience by adding the Instagram website to your home screen

Several social media companies maintain ‘Lite’ versions of their apps along with the main app option. These slimmed-down Lite apps are great options for people with low-end hardware or less storage space and often work as well as the full-featured regular app.

Unfortunately, Instagram users who turned to the Instagram Lite app to enjoy access to the photo-sharing platform will need to switch to the main app going forward. For reasons unknown, Facebook has shut down the Instagram Lite app.

Now, Instagram Lite redirects people to download the traditional Instagram app. That means the Lite app is now completely useless. Further, it’s no longer available from the Google Play Store.

Android Police reports that even if you use a third-party site to download and install an older version of Instagram Lite, it still doesn’t work.

Instagram Lite first arrived in Mexico back in June of 2018 before expanding to other regions. Further, the website ‘AppBrain‘ notes that Instagram Lite amassed over 1 million downloads. It was last updated in October.

If you don’t want to switch to using the full Instagram app, there is one other recourse for you. Since the Instagram Lite app was basically the social network’s mobile website in app form, you can get a similar experience by using that website. Just head to Instagram on your phone’s web browser, then tap the three-dot menu button and select ‘Add to Home Screen.’

You’ll then have a shortcut to the Instagram website on your home screen that should act like an app.

Source: Android Police