Spark for Android gets redesign plus new features

This update brings the Android and iOS apps closer in parity

If you use Spark for Android or are looking for a good Android email client, then you’re in luck because Spark is getting an impressive new look.

The Android app is receiving a new email viewer interface that Spark says reduces clutter by getting rid of unnecessary UI elements. You can also customize the action buttons in the toolbar in the email viewer to help the platform adapt to individual users’ needs. By default, there are five buttons in the bar, but you can have up to six if you want. You can even add niche buttons like ‘Print email’ in the latest update.

You can edit the toolbar by going into the app’s settings > Email viewer > Personalize toolbar.

Speaking of the Print email option, that’s a new feature packed into this update that longtime Spark users have been asking for, according to the company’s press release. You can print full email chains, single emails and even email chains with Spark comments on them so you can see all your work in the physical space.

If you don’t want to print your emails off, you can save them as PDFs on your device as well.

Another smaller feature that will be handy from time to time is a ‘Send again’ button for resending an email in case someone deleted your first email or it got lost in some other way. You can also use this button to send the same email to multiple people.

If you’re work team also works with Spark you’ll be able to see their status on Android now too.

Beta testers have had these features for a few days, but anyone else should get them shortly as they begin to roll out.

If you’re interested in trying Spark you can download it on Android, iOS and Mac for free.