Face masks now mandatory for all Lyft drivers and riders

Rule breakers could have their accounts suspended

Lyft is looking to protect its riders and passengers during this pandemic with a new set of safety rules focusing on health.

The new rules are all a part of its new ‘health safety program’ which requires drivers and riders to wear face masks while inside the vehicle.

The new rules include a new ‘personal health certification’ app update rolling out over the next two weeks. In addition, both drivers and passengers must follow CDC and local health regulations.

Users of the ride-sharing app must pledge they won’t use the service if they’re sick. The app requires all users to promise to keep their faces covered and front seats empty.

Lyft will provide drivers with face masks and cleaning supplies.

The introduction to Lyft’s new rules comes after the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on its business.

The ride-sharing company recently laid off close to 1,000 of its workforce as the volume of passengers using the service declined by 75 percent when compared to the same time last year.


  1. “The Health Safety Program builds upon Lyft’s existing COVID-19 relief efforts,” Lyft said in a blog post.

  2. “So far we’ve dedicated nearly $2.5 million to purchase hundreds of thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, masks, and disinfectants for drivers at no cost to them.”

If any of the rules are violated in any way, Lyft users can report either the driver or passenger to the company. Any repeated rule-breakers of the new regulations could have their account suspended.

Image credit: Lyft

Source: Lyft Via: Engadget