New Firefox Preview update rolling out with support for extensions

Android users will now be able to use select Firefox add-ons with the revamped mobile browser

Firefox Preview

Mozilla has been hard at work rebuilding its Firefox app on Android. The new Firefox it’s quite impressive, with an excellent new design, speedy performance and, finally, official add-on support.

Currently, the newest changes hit the Firefox Preview app first before eventually making their way to the Firefox Beta app. Once things have cleared the beta process, they will launch on the official Firefox for Android app — although the new design hasn’t made it that far yet.

With version 5.0 of Firefox Preview, which has reportedly started rolling out, people are able to install add-ons on mobile Firefox again.

While I have yet to receive the 5.0 update myself, several users on Reddit have installed it already. To access add-ons and extensions, users must tap the three-dot overflow button > Settings > Add-ons (under the Advanced heading). From there, users can access a limited number of add-ons and extensions and apply them to Firefox.

It’s worth noting that users on the previous version of Firefox Preview (4.3.0) can access this page as well, but the only available add-on is uBlock Origin.

For the moment, however, not all Firefox extensions and add-ons are available on mobile. Mozilla previously said it would focus on migrating add-ons from its ‘recommended extensions program‘ to Firefox for Android. Unfortunately, if an extension you want isn’t on that list, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Thankfully, there are about 100 extensions in the program, including Privacy Badger, Facebook Container and LastPass. Chances are there will be something there that accomplishes what you need.

Firefox Preview 5.0 is rolling out via the Play Store now. If you already have it installed, the update should find you shortly. If not, you can download Firefox Preview for free.

Image credit: Reddit

Source: Reddit