Android 11 DP3 includes ‘undo’ gesture for closing open apps

Close an app by accident? Android 11 will help you bring it back.

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) has been out a few days now and, while the update doesn’t have many new features for consumers, there are a few notable additions.

Once such change deals with how Android handles the Recent apps screen and includes a handy ‘undo’ option. Previously, Android would immediately clear an app from memory when users swiped it out of the Recents screen. If you closed an app accidentally, you’d have to re-open it from the launcher.

However, Android 11 DP3 includes a feature that lets users swipe down on the Recents screen to bring back the last closed app. XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman spotted the feature and posted a clip of it in action on Twitter. Further, Rahman notes that Google has been testing the change since the early Android Q betas.

According to Android Police, the operating system doesn’t clear a closed app from memory until users exit the Recents page or until they close another app.

Unfortunately, as with all beta software, it can be a little buggy at the moment. Android Police reports that swiping down in the middle of the screen sometimes doesn’t work while swiping down on the edge does. Hopefully these small kinks get worked out before the official Android 11 update rolls out later this year.

Source: Mishaal Rahman Via: Android Police