People are selling ‘Animal Crossing’ villagers for real money now

I'm selling my Agent S card for the price of a new computer if anyone is looking

If you’ve been following news surrounding Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ve likely started to notice that the villager selling market has begun to explode.

Most of this is based on the popularity of the rare villager Raymond who has become a fan favourite over the last few weeks, but classic villagers like Merangue and Agent S are still catching high prices.

Beyond just selling villagers, players are also creating wild trades for high Stalk Market prices, furniture sets and more. These transactions are for real money on eBay and sometimes for in-game Bells on other sites specifically made for Animal Crossing like Nook.market. 

Selling villagers

There are two ways to sell a villager. You can either sell a physical Amiibo card online through a platform like eBay or through a fan-created site for in-game money. Newer villagers, like the aforementioned Raymond, don’t have Amiibo cards, so they can only be sold via the second method. Since doing this is much harder, people are generally willing to pay a lot more for them.

Beyond Raymond, this also includes all of the new Octopus villagers.

On eBay, I’ve seen cards go for as high as $70 CAD and another listed f0r $144. While buying cards makes getting your favourite villagers easy, it can add up if you’re looking for rarer cards.

If you don’t have any real money to spend on a virtual character’s card you can always look on Nookazon to see if anyone is willing to trade in-game items or currency for that person. You can also use this site to buy and sell furniture, fossils, clothing and just about everything else from the game.

Stalk Market

If you’re looking to make a quick buck playing the ‘Stalk Market’ by buying and selling Turnips in Animal Crossing, you don’t have to rely on luck in the age of the internet.

There are sites like Turnip.Exchange, among others, that help you meet up with other players online so you can buy or sell the lucrative vegetable on their island for a guaranteed profit.

That said, people with high Turnip prices don’t just give that away for free. Players have been asking for mandatory donations from people who come to their islands, or even a share of the profits of their Turnip haul. That said, some people are just letting people come to their islands for free, but it’s still interesting to see this kind of in-game economy popup in such a laid back game.

If you’re still unclear about how the Stalk Market works, you can read our previous piece that explains it in more detail.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, keep your eye on the game’s subreddit.