Samsung stops syncing keyboard data between devices

This change may be frustrating for users who have accumulated several years worth of custom words

Samsung Galaxy S20 logo

Samsung no longer syncs keyboard data as of April 13th, according to a notice in the Samsung Cloud app.

This means once users switch to a new Galaxy device and sign into their Samsung account, their saved words and keyboard settings will not carry over from their old phone.

The notice from Samsung about the change claims that it was dated March 15th, but it seems that it has just made its way to customers in the last few days.

The change may prompt some users to switch to a different keyboard apps like SwiftKey or Google’s Gboard, which sync all of a user’s keyboard data such as saved words and prediction data across several devices.

Samsung has not revealed why it has chosen to remove keyboard sync from its Cloud service. The South Korean giant has noted that the rest of Samsung Cloud is not impacted. This means that data for other services like Samsung Contacts, Internet and Notes will still sync to users’ accounts.

Source: SamMobile