Apple to donate portions of Product Red proceeds to COVID-19 relief efforts

Typically, Product Red sales go towards HIV/AIDS efforts

iPhone 8

Apple has announced that it will donate a portion of sales of Product Red products to charitable organization Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response initiative.

Specifically, this initiative factors in sales of Red accessories for Apple products like Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases. This includes a Red case for the recently announced new iPhone SE, which launches in Canada on April 24th.

Normally, Product Red donations go towards HIV/AIDS relief efforts, but given the current global pandemic, there’s been a change of plans. Apple says it will continue to donate a portion of Product Red proceeds to Global Fund’s COVID-19 efforts until September 30th.

Apple doesn’t disclose exactly what percentage of each sale goes towards charity. However, the company claimed as of late 2018 that it has donated more than $200 million USD (about $282 million CAD) through its Product Red initiative. According to Apple, this makes it the largest Product Red donor among other major participating companies, such as Nike and Starbucks.

You can find Apple’s Product Red accessories on its website.

Via: MacRumors