Facebook’s new app lets couples share loves notes and Spotify playlists

This app is basically a tiny social network for two people at a time

Facebook’s NPE team’s new project is a love-note app is called Tuned and it’s pretty basic, but it looks trendy.

The NPE team’s job is to create experimental consumer-facing apps. The new app lets two people create a virtual scrapbook together, send photos, share Spotify playlists and their moods with each other.

I’ll start with the most interesting aspect of the app, which is the mood sharing section. Each person in the app can tap on a colourful circle in the top right of the app to set their mood. This zone is to help you stay aware of how your partner is feeling, but I think it’s kinda funny that I would log on to find out my partner is feeling ‘Flirty’ or ‘Magical.’

The rest of the app is pretty straightforward and I have to commend the team on its design. Everything from the signup screen to choosing your mood looks appealing and follows a consistent design language.

One thing worth mentioning is that you don’t need a Facebook account to use the app, but it’s only available on iOS at the moment. Since this is one of the NPE team’s experimental projects, it’s unlikely that it will come to Android unless it gets popular.

Still, it’s nice to see Facebook trying new things like this, especially while some couples are likely separated by self-isolation measures. That said, couples who have already been isolated together for four weeks probably don’t need an app to get any closer to their significant other.

You can download Tuned for free on iOS. 

Source: App Store