Twitter expands its efforts to combat coronavirus misinformation

The social media giant says it's monitoring the platform for coordinated manipulation efforts


Twitter announced that it is expanding its efforts to ‘protect the public conversation’ around the coronavirus.

Similar to other platforms, Twitter says that it is banning any ads that include misinformation about the virus. However, it outlined that government entities will still be allowed to promote ads on COVID-19 to present public health information.

Twitter is also working with nonprofit organizations to ensure they can build campaigns to fact-check and get reputable health information to the widest audiences possible.

Further, it says that it is communicating with several multinational stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, to ensure that they can troubleshoot account issues and get their experts verified.

The social media giant noted that it is monitoring the platform for misinformation or manipulation efforts around COVID-19. It says that it currently hasn’t come across any coordinated malicious efforts, but notes that it is going to remain vigilant.

The platform previously introduced a new search tool that directs Canadians to official, credible information. Twitter says that it is going to continue to use this tool and expand it to more countries across the globe.

Source: Twitter