There will be 117 new emojis coming later this year

I'm going to use the ninja emoji way too often

2020’s emojis have been decided.

Between Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices, there will be 117 new characters. The appearance of these emojis will differ depending on the platform.

According to 9to5Google, 62 of these new characters will come with Android 11, while all 117 will come to iPhone reports 9to5Mac.

Emoji Version 13.0, as the Unicode Consortium calls it, features ninjas, the transgender flag, a smiley face with a tear, a mammoth and more.

There are tons of gender-inclusive options like Mx Claus and “person in tuxedo.”

You can check out the full list here, but they won’t be on your devices until Apple and Google updates their operating systems to the next version (Android 11 and iOS 14.) The “Goog” column are all the ones coming to Android.

Image Credit: Emojipedia 

Source: Emojipedia, Unicode Consortium Via: 9to5Google9to5Mac