YouTube Music ‘new releases’ page shows all latest albums and singles

Just tap the 'see all' button

While I personally prefer Spotify, on occasion, mostly when I’m trying to listen to anime theme songs I switch to YouTube Music. Because of this, I’m pretty happy to see YT include this new feature. Now users can see all of the new releases available.

In one of YouTube Music’s Home feeds there’s a “New Releases,” category. When you scroll horizontally through the new releases you’re only able to see 10 of the most recent albums or single. Or when you tap on “New Release Mix” you only check out 30 songs. But now, YouTube Music has added a “See all” button in the top right.

Tapping on this button brings users to a new “Albums & singles” page. This page shows cover art for albums and singles in two columns. Users can endlessly scroll through this list.

While it’s a pretty small update, I’m happy YT has included it. According to 9to5Google this feature started rolling out earlier in January, but YouTube is making it widely available on Android and iOS.

Source: 9to5Google