Virgin Mobile doubling prepaid rate charges on March 19th

A 10-minute phone call now costs $6

Virgin Mobile is doubling how much it costs to send texts and make calls on its prepaid plans starting March 19th.

The carrier has posted a webpage on its site that details how much the new rates will cost.

Local calls are doubling from $0.30 CAD per minute to $0.60. Canada to Canada and U.S. long-distance calls are also doubling to $0.60.

Canada and U.S. texting and Canada to international texting are bumping up to $0.60 per text. This means it will cost $1.20 to send a message and receive a reply if you’re plan doesn’t include unlimited texting.

Virgin’s site says, “For more info about the rate change or if you’d like to change/cancel your plan or chat about our other prepaid options, dial #611 from your Virgin Mobile phone or give us a shout at 1-888-999-2321.”

Source: Virgin Mobile