Bell’s streaming service Crave is about to be bilingual

Bell Media claims there will be up to 6,000 hours of French-language content on the service

Starting on January 28th, Crave will officially become bilingual as platform-wide Frech language support rolls out.

Righ away, Crave is going to add 5,000 hours of exclusive new French-language content to its streaming library and HBO shows like The Outsider, The New Pope and Madame Lebrun.

It will even have a new French-language Crave Original Series called Pour Toujours Plus Un Jour. 

If subscribers boost their subscription to include the Crave + Super Écran add-on, they gain an additional 1,000 hours of French content. This add-on costs $10 per month on top of the base $10 Crave price, or $100 per year.

Bell has also confirmed that it will get access to the French language tracks for any HBO Max original programming slated to release later this year.

Source: Bell Media