Kingston begins testing snowplow tracking website

This feature is part of Kingston's partnership with Bell to develop smart city tech

Bell and Kingston, Ontario have launched a website that allows residents to track how often the city’s streets are being plowed.

This isn’t the first city to do this in Canada. For instance, Toronto, Barrie, Montreal and many other cites have similar services.

Kingston’s service is only in testing at the moment, so it only shows plows on main roads. There’s also a bit of delay as to where the plow is so you can’t watch it in real-time.

There are four colours used on the map. Green signifies that the road was plowed less than four hours ago. Pink means that it was plowed between four and eight hours ago. Blue means it was plowed between eight to 16 hours ago, while red means the road was plowed between 16 to 24 hours ago.

Bell and Kingston’s partnership has also led to Wi-Fi kiosks which offer charging stations, remotely managed video cameras and 9-1-1 emergency buttons.

Source: City of Kingston