Modder creates the GameCube Joy-Cons of every Smash Bros. fan’s dreams

Smash Bros. fans, rejoice

GameCube Joy-Cons

Given how popular the GameCube controller still is roughly 20 years after its release, it’s strange Nintendo hasn’t released its own version of the gamepad yet for the Switch.

Shank, a console modder and YouTuber who has worked on several notable mods over the last few years, has taken matters into his own hands and turned an official wireless WaveBird GameCube controller into a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

In a YouTube video, Shank explained that the process of creating the GameCube Joy-Cons took several months and required 3D-printed parts. Shank also collaborated with MadMorda, a modder known for creating the world’s smallest GameCube and GameCube controller, as well as a Joy-Con with built-in googly eye buttons, for the project. She worked on the GameCube Joy-Cons’ custom buttons.

For a do-it-yourself project, Shank’s GameCube controllers certainly look impressive. However, using them undocked looks incredibly awkward.

Nintendo released NES Joy-Con controllers for the Switch, so there’s always a possibility the Japanese gaming giant could release official GameCube Joy-Cons at some point, especially given how popular the gamepad is in the Smash Bros. community.

Source: Shank