Over 100 million people have downloaded Android Auto

It's still unclear when Google plans to replace this app with Assistant Driving mode

Google’s in-car interface app, Android Auto, has recently crossed the 100 million download threshold.

Many of Google’s apps are in this category, so it’s no surprise to see Android Auto get this much use.

If you’re unclear what Android Auto does, it’s a dual-purpose application. The basic version runs on phones while driving and keeps things uncluttered and hides many distracting notifications.

You can also plug your phone into compatible cars and the app runs a sleek version of Android on the vehicle’s screen that also keeps things minimal by only giving you access to calls, Assistant, music, maps and a few other apps.

Even though the phone-based version of Android Auto is wildly popular, Google is still on track to can the phone version once it rolls out a new feature for Google Assistant called ‘Driving mode.’

The tech giant showed off Driving mode at I/O during the spring of 2019. All users need to do is get in their car and either start moving or say something like,  “Ok Google, let’s drive” to trigger it.

Then it proactively recommends locations, music and other functionality to the user before they ask for it so they don’t have to use their phone as much when behind the wheel.

Driving mode was slated for a summer 2019 release, but so far, we’ve heard nothing about it and it’s unclear when it’s coming out.

Source: Google Play Store