Moleskine launches lifestyle app in Canada to help with your New Year’s resolutions

The app is free to download but requires a subscription to use its service

Moleskine, known for creating writing utensils, notepads and accessories, has just launched its app in the Canadian App Store as a public test before releasing it globally.

Moleskine Journey aims to combine a personal schedule along with wellness tracking features in order to create a comprehensive lifestyle app.

The app is broken into four sections: My Day, Planner, Projects and Tasks.

Most of the app revolves around the ‘My Day’ section, where users can keep track of their set goals and habits for that specific time.

Besides adding goals, there are other custom features that you can monitor as well.

There’s a journal function, which allows users to jot down any thoughts you may have, whether it’s an idea or your own feelings about a certain topic.

If you’re someone that keeps track of food consumption, there’s also a food diary, which can be quite helpful if you made a related New Year’s Resolution.

The photo diary can be used to store multiple pictures for people who use it for inspiration.

Lastly, there’s a streak tracker that manages the goals you’ve set and makes sure that it’s less daunting for you to complete.

The other three categories are self explanatory; with ‘Planner’ handing your overall tasks and goals, ‘Projects’ handles any major events and ‘Tasks’ allows you to quickly add new activities that is yet to be scheduled.

If you’re interested in trying out Moleskine Journey, you can download it on the App Store. While downloading the app is free, you need to buy a monthly or annual subscription to gain full functionality of its features.