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Interaxon shows off new Muse S meditation-sleep tracking headband at CES

This new headband combines the Muse 2 and the Softband

At CES 2020, Toronto-based Interaxon showed off its latest meditation headband, the Muse S.

The new headband takes all of the existing meditation functions of the Muse 2 and combines it with the sleep tracking features from the Softband the company showed off at last year’s CES.

The Muse S is the Softband with a rechargeable module that magnets to the front of the headband to track brain activity. It has 10 hours of battery and packs quite a few tricks into a small package.

Muse says that it the S can track brain activity, heart rate, breathing and body movement. All of this is recorded in a companion app on your phone or tablet.

The new features in the Muse S are called ‘Go-to-sleep’ journeys. The function tracks your heart rate and concentration as you fall asleep and then plays sounds that represent how your brain is acting. For example, if your mind starts to wander, you’ll begin to hear thunder in the soundscape.

I took some time at CES to try out the new headband and found the pre-set sleep section was ultra-relaxing. Even as I laid on a little chair in the middle of a CES showfloor surrounded by people, I could feel the guided meditation and serene sounds helping me relax. It’s worth noting that to use the sleep journey you need to have a pair of headphones or a speaker handy so you can hear it.

The stats afterwards displayed your heart rate, stillness and more. It even shows when you went to bed and if your sleep was relaxing or not.

The Muse available now and costs $449 in Canada.