Two Canadians are driving across Canada in a Tesla Model 3

These pair are hoping to be the fastest Canadians to drive from one side of the county to the other in an EV

Two Canadians, Kevin Belanger and Don Goodeve, are working their way across Canada in a Tesla Model 3 using the newly opened Trans-Canada Supercharger network.

Tesla opened up its cross Canada charging network on December 23rd, making it easier for Tesla owners to trek along southern Canada.

The two friends began their journey on December 28th in Victoria B.C. and as of December 30th, they’ve made it to Kenora Ontario, which is near the Ontario and Manitoba border.

The two are also planning to make a record to be the fastest electric car to go ocean to ocean —  the plan is to wrap up their trip in Halifax.

If you’re interested in updates from the journey and tracking Belanger and Goodeve, you can follow along on their Facebook page. 

Source: Supercharging Trans-Canada Facebook page