OnePlus launches bug bounty with awards up to $7,000

It looks like OnePlus is really hoping to avoid another data breach

OnePlus has launched a bug bounty program that offers hackers up to $7,000 USD (roughly $9,100 CAD).

If you find a security-related bug on a OnePlus device, you can head over to security.oneplus.com to submit it to the company for some cash.

There are a few tiers of rewards depending on the severity of the bug.

  • Special cases: up to $7,000 USD ($9,100 CAD) 
  • Critical: $750 — $1,500 ($988 — $1,977 CAD)
  • High: $250 — $750 ($329 — $988 CAD)
  • Medium: $100 — $250 ($131 USD — $329 CAD)
  • Low: $50 — $100 ($65 — $131 CAD)

You can find out more about this program on OnePlus’ site. 

This bug bounty program comes after the company suffered a data breach in late November that shared some of its users’ credit card info and more. After it disclosed the breach the company said it would launch a bug bounty program by the end of the year.

Source: OnePlus