Chrome extension brings back ‘like’ and comment counts for Instagram

Ready to be competitive again?

In April, Instagram started hiding ‘like’ counts in Canada to protect our feelings. However, if you’re petty like me and want to make sure that your latest picture had more likes than your rival, then look no further than this new Chrome extension.

As reported by TechCrunch, SocialInsider’s ‘The Return of the Likes’ is a new Chrome extension that reveals Instagram like and comment counts.

The likes and comments counter will appear on the top-right corner of each post on Instagram’s website. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on mobile, but if you’re petty enough like me, you’ll take a look on the web now and then to compare it to your friends’ and ex’s posts.

Also, as TechCrunch suggests, send yourself a permalink and then open it on the web if you’re curious about a particular picture.

Source: TechCrunch