Telus and MobiledgeX to launch live edge computing program in Canada

The program will allow Canadian developers to build innovative apps and devices

Telus and MobiledgeX announced that the MobiledgeX Early Access Program will soon open in Canada, which is the first program in North America to provide live edge computing.

MobiledgeX is a California-based edge computing platform startup that connects developers with mobile networks around the world.

The new program will allow Canadian developers to have access to experiment with edge computing functionality that brings mobile data processing closers to users and powers next-generation 5G uses.

It can allow developers to build innovative apps and devices for planned deployment on MobiledgeX’s global edge network. They won’t have to rely on physically distant public clouds since edge computing hosts applications at locations that are closer to the user.

“Combined with future 5G infrastructure that also lowers latency and increases speeds, mobile experiences are not only improved, but entirely new use cases will be unlocked for augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, industry 4.0, gaming and immersive entertainment, autonomous vehicles, and more,” the press release states.

Live testing of the program will be available in select cities in Canada soon. Developers approved for early access will receive free access to the program.

Canadian companies can apply for early access to the program here.

Source: Telus