SpongeBob’s Squidward is getting his own spinoff on Netflix

The Squidward spinoff is heading to Netflix

Mocking SpongeBob

A new Squidward-starring project is coming to Netflix.

That’s right, SpongeBob SquarePants’ cranky next-door neighbour is getting his own music-based spinoff. It’s unclear if the no-pants-wearing squid will be featured in a movie or TV show, however.

Netflix and Nickelodeon recently announced a new deal where the two companies plan to work together to produce content that will stream on Netflix. The content is an extension of Nickelodeon’s pre-existing intellectual properties, like SpongeBob SquarePants.

Rodger Bumpass voices the grumpy clarinet player, but it’s unclear if he’ll make return for this new spinoff.

It’s also unclear when the Squidward project will hit Netflix. Personally, I’d would prefer a spinoff based on Sandra ‘Sandy’ Cheeks.

SpongeBob SquarePants premiered in 1999 and is somehow still ongoing. The sponge and his friends have already been in two movies — one I actually went to the theatres to see when I was 11 — with another coming out in 2020.

Source: The Verge