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Google News goes ‘Beyond the headlines’ with new feature

Google News is looking to find out more information about the 'why and how' of news


Google News is a great resource that tailors your news experience based on what it thinks you’ll like and what’s important to you.

The platform’s goal is to surface stories that do an excellent job of explaining the “who, what and when.” With this new update, called ‘Beyond the headlines,’ Google news aims to bring up more context around the “why and how.”

So far, the update is just rolling out to users who have their language set to U.S. English, but the company’s blog post says it will roll out to more languages in 2020. MobileSyrup has reached out to Google Canada for information related to the update coming to Canada.

If you have your Google News website language set to U.S. English, you can see the service in the right-hand sidebar, below the ‘Fact Check’ section.

Source: Google