Wayfair adds AR, 3D tools to help you create your dream room in its app

The new features can analyze the 3D space of a room from a 2D image

Wayfair, the popular e-commerce company for home-goods and furniture, will now help you design rooms with a new augmented reality feature.

The new AR feature, called ‘View in Room 3D,’ lets users take a picture of their room to see various products added to it virtually.

The new feature is very similar to Ikea’s Place app that helps position furniture, but instead, Wayfair is photo-based and works if a user is not physically at home.

Wayfair says that the technology powering the app analyzes the 3D space of a room from a 2D image.

Another new feature built into the app includes the ability to search for furniture by taking a photo of what you’re looking for. This is similar to Google’s Lens image search.

Lastly, Wayfair also has included Room Planner 3D, a new tool that will let users create a 3D room that they can interact with and design. Users will be able to view furniture from any angle and products will be added to the room at the correct scale.

Wayfair is available on iOS and Android. It’s worth noting that some features, including Room Planner, are only available on iOS.