Disney+ warns users of ‘outdated cultural depictions’ in classic movies

The movies that have cautionary notes include Peter Pan, The Aristocats and Pinocchio


Disney+ has issued warnings to its subscribers about “outdated cultural depictions” in some of the classic titles on the streaming platform.

Several of the movies that are available on the platform include notes of caution in the plot descriptions. They outline how some of the depictions in the old movies are considered problematic.

One of the movies that features a cautionary note is Peter Pan, which was released in 1953 and includes stereotypical depictions of Indigenous people.

The Aristocats, which was released in 1970, also contains a cautionary note as it features a scene where a Siamese cat is using chopsticks to play the piano.

The studio previously discussed how it would deal with insensitive scenes in its classic movies. It contemplated removing a racially insensitive scene in Dumbo that featured a bird named “Jim Crow.” However, this scene is still in the movie on the streaming platform, but now includes a cautionary note.

Disney has also added warnings about the use of tobacco in a number of films including Aladdin and Pinocchio.

Disney+ launched on November 12th and costs $8.99 CAD/month or $89.99/year in Canada.

Source: Disney+