Instagram might take on TikTok with new ‘Reels’ short-video sharing feature

The feature is said to only be available in Brazil right now and could roll out to other countries in the future

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Instagram might try to take on popular video-sharing app TikTok by creating a very similar feature on its platform.

The new video editing tool, which launched in Brazil, copies some of the features of TikTok and is called Reels. However, there is no news on whether or not this feature is going to be launched in other countries.

According to an article in The Verge, Reels will allow a user to record 15-second videos and will be able to adjust its speed, set music to it, or borrow audio from other people’s videos. Users will then be able to share these to their Instagram Stories or send them via DM. Users may also be able to post them to a new section of Instagram’s Explore tab called Top Reels.

Here’s a clip of what it looks like for users in Brazil.

It’s evident that this feature is very similar to TikTok but the company’s director of product management, Robby Stein, said that “no two products are exactly the same.”

“At the end of the day sharing video with music is a pretty universal idea we think everyone might be interested in using,” Stein told The Verge. “The focus has been how to make this a unique format for us.”

Source: The Verge