OnePlus to add new features to Zen Mode, looking for beta testers

OnePlus seems to be building more features into Zen Mode

OnePlus has added its ZenMode feature to the Play Store so users can enter the app’s beta.

For those who don’t know, Zen Mode is a first-party OnePlus feature that disables your phone for a set period of time, so it doesn’t distract you.

When Zen Mode first launched, it only lets users set it for 20-minute increments. Alongside Android 10, the phone manufacturer added a few more time limits up to an hour.

The company shared a forum post, but it’s vague. All it mentions is that it’s looking for testers.

If you’re a OnePlus owner who likes Zen Mode, you can sign up here and the company will email you a copy of the app. Alternatively, some users can find the app on the Play Store and sign up for the beta that way.

Source: OnePlus