Adobe, Twitter, New York Times launch initiative to prevent digital fakes

The companies are developing a standard to give credit to content creators

Twitter on iPhone X

Adobe, Twitter and The New York Times have launched the ‘Content Authenticity Initiative‘ to fight digital fakes by creating a standard for digital media attribution.

The idea behind the initiative so far is an optional Adobe system that would allow publishers and creators to link attribution information to the content that they are sharing. There would be an attribution trail that would trace the content back to its source.

It should be noted that the project won’t begin until there is a summit, which is scheduled to take place in a few months. There is also the potential for more companies to join the initiative. 

In the meantime, there are some questions surrounding the initiative. For instance, the companies have not discussed how they will ensure that attribution info that is being linked is correct. The companies also haven’t disclosed the costs for the project.

However, if they are able to implement a universal standard it would be beneficial in identifying deepfakes and misleading content.

Source: Adobe Via: Engadget