Internet Archive linking digitized previews of books to citations on Wikipedia

The new initiative will add credibility to Wikipedia

A new project by the Internet Archive is making it easier to verify references on Wikipedia by linking to digitized previews of the books being referenced.

This will make it easier to check citations on Wikipedia and determine whether the information is coming from a reliable source. Once you click on a link, a you will get a preview of a digital book that includes the information that the Wikipedia page references.

Although the initiative is helpful, it will take some time to match all of the citations with their relevant previews. The Internet Archive has been able to link 130,000 citations to 50,000 books so far.

It says that it has a database that includes around 3.8 million scanned books, and that it scans around 10,000 everyday. The Internet Archive plans to digitize four million books in the next few years.

Wikipedia and the Internet Archive have also worked together in the past to fix around six million broken citations.

Source: Internet Archive Blog Via: The Verge