PlayStation 4 has become the second best-selling console of all time

The PS2 still holds the top stop

PlayStation 4 Pro front

Sony has revealed that it has sold 102.8 million PlayStation 4 units since the console launched in November 2013.

This makes the PS4 the second best-selling console of all time, after the PlayStation 2. The previous second-place holder was the original PlayStation with 102.5 million in sales, but the PS4 slightly surpassed that during Sony’s most recent financial quarter.

However, the PlayStation 2 sits at 155 million units sold — a milestone that is all but impossible for the PS4 to reach at this point.

That’s because the PS4’s growth is continuing to slow, with console sales down 1.1 million units from last year. Overall, Sony’s gaming revenue and profit dropped by 17 percent and 35 percent, respectively, since 2018. Therefore, Sony has slashed its 2019 PS4 sales forecast by 1.5 million units.

This type of slowdown is common when a console has been around as long as the PS4. Moreover, this is the PS4’s final year before its successor, the PS5, launches in holiday 2020.

That said, Sony has announced plans to support the PS4 until at least 2021. The company also has a few more major exclusive titles that will no doubt drive PS4 sales, including next month’s Death Stranding, May 2020’s The Last of Us Part II and the currently-undated Ghost of Tsushima.

Source: Sony