You can now stereo pair Google Home and Home Minis

This update has been a long time coming

Google Home Mini

Google has finally added the ability for users to stereo pair all Google Home hardware.

The tech giant’s large and expensive Google Home Max has had this feature since it launched in 2017. Now, Google has added this feature to its other Home devices, including the Home, Home Mini and new Nest Mini.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Home ‘Settings’ menu. If you have two devices that can be paired together, you’ll see an option called ‘Device pair.’ If you select the setting, Google will walk you through the setup process and you should be good to go.

Android Police notes that you can even pair a Mini with a standard Home.

We only have one Google Home Mini in our office so we’re unable to test this out, but Android Police says that only the left channel speaker accepts “Ok Google” inputs. Other than that the two speakers work as a team to play music and share volume controls.

Source: Android Police