Pokémon Go is getting more story elements and a tracker

It seems like the tracker is related to Team Rocket

Pokémon Go is slowly expanding its story and it looks like a new tracker device is set to add to the game’s latest Team Rocket arc.

The in-game Professor Willow has posted on the game’s blog stating that he’s found pieces of technology that have been dropped by Team Rocket.

The Professor’s blog post details something called the ‘Rocket Radar Prototype.’ Judging by the blog post, it seems like this is an item that will help players find out where Team Rocket’s leaders are hiding.

The game’s Twitter account hinted at these leaders being added to Pokémon Go at the beginning of October, and now it seems like this device is going to lead players to fight them.

Some theories suggest this will turn into some kind of radar for finding Pokémon, but it’s still unclear what its actual purpose is.

Source: Niantic Via: SlashGear