Google Canada honours Québec artist Marcelle Ferron with Doodle

Google also created a map of Ferron's art installations

Marcelle Ferron Google Doodle

Google Canada is honouring Québec artist Marcelle Ferron with one of the company’s Doodles.

Canadians visiting Google on Septemeber 7th, 2019 will find the search giant’s logo transformed in the style of Ferron’s stained glass installations. You can find these installations integrated into architecture across Montréal, such as in Métro Champs-de-Mars. Not only did Ferron create wonderful stained glass installations, but she also innovated new techniques for creating stained glass art that could better withstand the Canadian climate.

Ferron (1924-2001) was part of the Québec Automatist artist group and was also a member of the Royal Canadian Academy.

Aside from honouring Ferron with a Doodle, Google Canada wants to make it easier to learn about her artwork. Google says that people can scan Ferron’s art installations with its Google Lens app to learn more about her.

Further, Google put together a map showcasing all the places people can find Ferron’s artwork.

You can learn more about Ferron and her art here.