Google will take longer to approve new Play Store apps

Google Play Store

Google will now take a little longer to approve new apps for the Play Store.

The change, noted by Choice of Games, indicates that there will be a slightly longer approval process for new apps in the Play Store. This will be a positive change for customers and will help prevent the spread of malware; however, it adds more frustration for developers.

Now after an app has been submitted for approval, there will be a banner that reads that Google will “take more time to thoroughly review your app(s) to help better protect users.”

It’s also important to note that the Android support page specifies that this will only affect “certain developer accounts.”

Reportedly, Google did not provide enough warning, initially stating that this approval process would occur with only new developer accounts, though that appears not always be the case.

Also when a developer is submitting an app for approval, is a little late for Google to inform the developer that they’re affected by this new approval process. Especially if they made announcements for an expected release date.

Google’s support page now says that developers should give a three-day buffer period when submitting a new app.

Jacob, from the Android Developer team, explained on Reddit that there are a variety of factors that the team has to review, not only if the developer is new. The team will also take longer to review accounts that are establishing a track record with the company.

Check out the support page to learn more.

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