Dr. Mario World hits $1.4 million and 7.5 million downloads in first month: report

Dr. Mario World iOS

Dr. Mario World has earned an estimated $1.4 million USD ($1.85 million CAD) and 7.5 million downloads since launching one month ago, according to mobile game analytics firm Sensor Tower.

The mobile puzzle game hit five million downloads in its first week, meaning it’s accumulated an additional 2.5 million installs in the three weeks since.

For context, this puts Dr. Mario World at fifth for first-month revenue among Nintendo’s lineup of mobile titles. The top-earner is still strategy-RPG Fire Emblem Heroes, which generated $67.6 million ($89.5 million CAD) in its launch month of February 2017.

In terms of in-game spending, Dr. Mario World saw an average of $0.19 USD ($0.25 CAD) spent per install during its first month — fifth among Nintendo’s mobile games by this measure. Notably, Dragalia Lost — which has been less successful when compared to Nintendo’s other mobile games — actually posted Nintendo’s best first month for spending per install with $16.50 USD ($21.84 CAD).

While Dr. Mario World largely lags behind its fellow Nintendo mobile games, Sensor Tower notes it is faring better than many other puzzle games.

According to the firm, its first-month gross is 40 percent greater than the July 2017 launch of Snoopy Pop+ from Jam City, during which the game generated an estimated $1 million USD ($1.3 million CAD) in player spending in the same markets. Dr. Mario World was also downloaded 270 percent more than Snoopy Pop+.

Dr. Mario World is available for free on Android and iOS.

Source: Sensor Tower