Rogers adds 77,000 postpaid subscribers, maintains churn rate in Q2 2019

National telecommunications carrier Rogers added 77,000 postpaid subscribers to now have a total of 9,257,000 total postpaid subscribers, according to its Q2 2019 financial earnings results.

In the three months that ended on June 30th, the carrier reported that these net additions changed by 45,000 compared to the same period a year ago, during which the company had added 122,000 postpaid subscribers.

In the earnings report that was released on July 23rd, the company reported a prepaid net addition of 8,000 for a total of 1,451,000 prepaid subscribers, a loss from the 1,705,000 prepaid subscribers it reported the same period a year ago.

In total, the company has 10,708,000 wireless subscribers. This is a dip from the 10,750,000 total wireless subscribers that was reported in Q1 2019.

Rogers reported 351,000 postpaid gross additions, a drop from the 389,000 that it reported the same time period a year ago. It reported 199,000 prepaid gross additions, an increase from the 191,000 that was reported the same time period a year ago.

“The decrease in gross and net postpaid subscriber additions for the three and six months ended June 30, 2019 were a result of our disciplined approach around subscriber base management and an overall softness in the market this year compared to last year,” Rogers said in its earnings.

In terms of postpaid churn rate, or the rate at which a subscriber leaves the company for another carrier, remained the same as what was reported in Q1 2019.

Rogers said Q2 2019’s churn rate was at 0.99 percent. Albeit, that changed by 0.02 points from the 1.01 percent churn rate that was reported in Q2 2018.

“We believe the record low postpaid churn this quarter and on a year-to-date basis was a result of our strategic focus on enhancing the customer experience by improving our customer service and continually increasing the quality of our network,” Rogers said.

The company’s blended Average Billing Per User totalled to $67.16, an increase of $2.36 from the $64.80 that was reported the same period a year ago.

The company’s blended Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) totalled to $56.73, a slight dip from the $55.60 that was reported the same period a year ago.

In terms of company revenue, Rogers reported total revenue of $3.78 billion, a one percent change from the $3.75 billion that was reported in the same period a year ago.

The increase was “largely driven by a three percent increase in wireless service revenue. Strong wireless service revenue was primarily a result of a larger postpaid subscriber base and continued increases in blended ARPU.”

“We delivered strong growth across all the key value drivers of our business, while making the right long-term investments and significantly advancing our strategic plan.” Rogers’ CEO Joe Natale, said in the earnings report.

“Our robust fundamental performance enabled us to take an important step forward to introduce unlimited data plans with no overage fees for Canadians. This is another important initiative, led by Rogers, in putting our customers first.”

Source: Rogers