Amazon employees in the U.S. to protest working conditions on Prime Day

As Amazon Prime Day approaches, warehouse employees in Minnesota are planning to stage a six-hour strike to protest safety issues, job insecurity and unrealistic quotas.

Hibaq Mohamed, one of the organizers of the protest, told Forbes that the working expectations are better suited for a robot. She also said that employees who ask for a break due to sickness or religious reasons are likely to be fired.

An Amazon spokesperson told Forbes that the allegations are “baseless,” and that the company has already met the protestors’ demands.

“We encourage anyone to compare our pay, benefits, and workplace to other retailers and major employers in the Shakopee community and across the country,” the spokesperson told Forbes.

This is not the first time Amazon employees have protested working conditions. Workers in Europe organized a boycott last year to protest unfair compensation.

This strike will mark the first time that Amazon employees will protest during important sales days.

Source: Forbes