Parents concerned with their kids’ screen-time, are hiring ‘screen-free coaches’

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Parents who are hoping to reduce their children’s device use are hiring ‘screen-free parenting coaches,’ according to a recent New York Times article.

The coaches visit parents in their homes, schools, and churches to inform them on how people parented before the widespread introduction of devices.

A number of coaches told the New York Times that parents have forgotten what their lives were like before phones because they’re also addicted to their own devices.

Gloria DeGaetano, a coach based in Seattle, told the New York Times that coaches can make up to $250 USD (approximately $327 CAD) per hour depending on the location.

Screen-free parenting is not a new concept and has actually been around for years, as outlined by Global News. The article also stated that considering the number of studies coming out detailing the dangers of too much screen time, it’s not a surprise that parents are turning to coaches.

Source: New York Times Via: Global News