July Android security patch now live on Pixel smartphones

It’s the monthly update routine again. On Monday, Google pushed out July security patches for all Pixel smartphones.

This time, in addition to the usual fixes for system vulnerabilities, the latest security patch includes a handful of software improvements.

Classified as a ‘Hotword’ update, “OK Google” and music detection will work better on Pixel 2 and later. Other enhancements include better Japanese language support and a performance tweak to the Titan M security chip in all Pixel 3/3XL and Pixel 3a/3a XL smartphones.

However, while it’s all fun and dandy for existing Pixel phones, the Pixel C tablet has yet to see its July security patch, suggesting that it has reached the end of its life span.

After spending nearly four years as Google’s answer to iPads, the Pixel C vacated its spot for the ill-received Pixel Slate..

The search giant recently declared its withdrawal from the tablet market, effectively leaving the entire space for competitors.

Source: Google