Oppo to announce phone with under-display selfie camera at MWC19 Shanghai: rumour

Oppo logo

In a leaked poster circulating online, Chinese smartphone giant Oppo may bring a smartphone with under-display selfie camera technology to the Mobile World Congress Shanghai exhibition.

Although Oppo’s official Sina Weibo page remains quiet on the matter, the company demonstrated the new camera technology on June 2nd.

The demo video shows the new selfie camera features an invisible ring that illuminates when needed. Interestingly, the poster also has a similar illustration of the design, lending credibility to the leak.

Compared to traditional selfie cameras, an under-display selfie shooter sits below the screen and should remain almost invisible to human eyes. But, the biggest advantage of the new approach is to take back the precious screen real estate once occupied by a notch or a hole punch.

Currently, the best way to protect screen real estate is the mechanical pop-up selfie camera like the one included in the OnePlus 7 Pro, but the solution comes with a price of increased complexity and weight penalty.

OPPO’s direct competitor Xiaomi also published a video revealing its under-display selfie camera technology on what looks like a notch-less Xiaomi Mi9.

If the new technology matures in the next couple of years, notches, hole punches and pop-up cameras could eventually become history.

Source: CNMO


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