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Nintendo might develop two Switch models, one new, one cheap: report

Nintendo Switch

The rumours around the next generation of the Nintendo Switch have been around for a while and Nintendo has promptly put these rumours to rest.

However, the company began to slowly admit that it is “a general rule” to work on new hardware and said in April that new Switch devices are “coming” and E3 2019 will not be the announcement date.

This was accurately reflected in Nintendo’s E3 direct.

However, new reports by the Wall Street Journal shows that Nintendo is indeed developing its new generation of Switch devices; one intends to be an upgrade, while the other will be a cheaper model.

Citing unnamed sources in the Nintendo supply chain, the WSJ reported that the production for Switch, “including the current type and the two new models,” has started in Southeast Asia.

The report also mentions that Nintendo is switching Switch production from China to other markets in order to avoid the possible 25 percent tariff when importing to the United States.

WSJ said that Nintendo is working on a Switch model that looks like the current generation and contains a “beefed-up” specifications. The less expensive one, on the other hand, would feature a new design.

The report did not indicate a timeline of when the devices would be released. WSJ noted that the new Switch could come to market during the holiday season to compete with the massive Xbox update, as well as Sony’s PS5.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via BGR