Essential’s Andy Rubin teases new product announcement

essential phone

It seems Essential is up to something big. In a tweet first spotted by 9to5Google, CEO Andy Rubin replied to a nine-month-old thread imploring Essential to launch a new device. “We will make an announcement,” Rubin said in a tweet dated to June 11th.

As 9to5Google points out, Rubin wrote another cryptic message in April 2019, which likewise hints at the existence of a new Essential Phone.

Despite the shortcomings of its first phone, Essential’s handling of software updates has earned the company a loyal and passionate fanbase. In 2018, Essential updated the PH-1 to Android 9 Pie on the same day as Google did its Pixel lineup.

Following his controversial departure from Google, Rubin founded Essential in 2015. Besides Essential, Rubin is best known for co-creating Android. Despite his pedigree, Essential’s first phone was not a success. One year after releasing the Essential Phone, the company reportedly cancelled development on a second phone, pivoting to focus on other products.

However, the teased device may not resemble a traditional smartphone with a big screen. According to a Bloomberg report from late last year, Essential is making a so-called AI phone that relies on voice commands. The device will respond to emails and texts on its own with the help of AI.

For now, only time will tell how Essential plans to re-enter the smartphone market.

Source: Twitter Via: 9to5Google