Canadians: How to help dad feel like an expert this Father’s Day

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The relationship between a Dad and his mobile phone is kind of like the relationship he has with the thermostat: Dad knows best, please don’t touch. But when it comes to tech, this extends to family gadgets and devices as well, since dads often take on the role of resident tech expert at home.

According to a recent survey commissioned by The Mobile Shop, while over one-third of Canadian dads feel like it falls to them to be the household tech expert, nearly the same amount don’t feel informed on the latest in mobile tech, and wouldn’t feel comfortable picking a new phone plan. Whether you’re thinking of mobile for Dad this Father’s Day or not, the best gift might be a few tips to make sure he’s feeling at the top of his game when it comes to his phone and household gadgets.

Know when it’s time to move on: We all know the Dad who thinks his 2012 QWERTY device is “perfectly fine” because like everything else, “they don’t make ‘em like they used to”. If this is your dad, it might be time for an upgrade. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to help lead this decision, but it’s important to know what’s important to him when considering a new phone or plan upgrade. Does he use his phone like a computer? Consider the iPhone Xs Max. If he isn’t the most caring with his mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great option, or a great case could be perfect. Really just wants a phone with buttons? Tell him it’s time to let go.

Stay on top of updates: Even though 6 in every 10 Canadian dads consider themselves informed on the latest mobile phones and gadgets, many dads may be lagging behind when it comes to upgrades with only 16% of dads update their smartphone regularly. Next time you hear him grumbling about his phone running slowly, make sure he knows how a simple software update could fix this… or maybe just tap that icon for him.

Send him to an expert: If your dad tends to groan about his storage, his outrageous phone bill, or the actual location of The Cloud, it may be time for him to talk to an expert. While dads can be a little skeptical about the motivations of cell phone providers, let him know that there are unbiased pros like The Mobile Shop Mobilists who can help optimize how he uses his phone, assess his plan and suggest a new device just for them. What’s even better, they’re conveniently located in Real Canadian Superstore locations, so he doesn’t have to go out of his way.