Niantic killing off Pokémon Go Apple Watch app

Adventure Sync is a better alternative for players

Pokémon Go players who use an Apple Watch to track their steps will have to switch to ‘adventure Sync’ on their phone since developer Niantic is sunsetting the wearable app.

Starting July 1st, the watch app will no longer work, according to a Niantic support page. 

This change has likely been in the works since the developer launched ‘Adventure Sync’ in October of 2018.

Adventure Sync allows Pokémon Go players to track their steps in the background via Google Fit or Apple’s Health app. Both of which track the phone users steps throughout the day.

Since Apple Watches deliver step tracking data to the Apple Health app, Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch has been redundant since Adventure Sync came out.

Source: Niantic