Fizz reduces home internet prices for new and existing users

Is a Canadian telecom just doing something nice?

All Fizz Mobile home internet users are getting their bills reduced.

The new rates are as follows:

  • 10 Mbps for $30
  • 15 Mbps for $35
  • 30 Mbps for $40
  • 60 Mbps for $50
  • 120 Mbps for $60

This means that both new and existing customers are going to receive these reduced rates.

All of the plans come with unlimited usage, a modem and no installation or delivery fee.

While these plans aren’t quite as low as the beta offers, they’re still very competitive compared to other telecoms in Canada.

This is the second Fizz price drop in less than a month and this time, they’ve added a cheaper 10Mbps choice. Twenty-five days ago, the carrier lowered its prices to 15 Mbps for $45, 30 Mbps for $50, 60 Mbps for $60 and 120 Mbps for $72. This latest drop brings them down even further.

Update 29/05/2019, 1:29 EST: Fizz has responded and stated that “We’ve decided to adjust our prices in order to stay competitive. We are pretty proud of our Home Internet service and its efficiency. Fizz goal is to offer the best service at a fair price.”