Rogers and Fido open device protection enrolment for a limited time until May 31st

If you missed out when upgrading or activating your phone, you can now get device protection

Rogers has opened enrolment in its device protection programs for users who skipped out when getting a new phone.

Whether you signed a new contract with Rogers or just upgraded your phone, typically the Toronto-based national carrier only lets you get device protection within 45 days of activating or upgrading your device.

For a limited time, however, you can sign up for the company’s protection plans. The open enrolment ends on May 31st, 2019.

Rogers offers three tiers of protection plan. The first costs $9 per month and includes repair if your device is damaged or has an out-of-warranty defect. Further, it offers up to two fulfilled service requests in 12 months and has processing fees ranging from $30 to $175. These fees depend on the tier of device you have. You can learn more about those fees here.

Rogers also offers a Premium Device Protection plan for $13 per month. The Premium plan offers a free repair for your first broken screen at absolutely no extra cost, as long as there’s no other damage to your device. It also provides device replacement for loss or theft and a choice between repair or replacement for accidental damage or out-of-warranty failure.

Processing fees for this plan range from $100 to $400 for replacements and $30 to $175 for repairs. Again, those fees depend on the tier of device you have. Also, there’s a limit of up to two fulfilled service requests in 12 months.

Finally, there’s a $15 per month option that includes the Premium Device Protection plan along with a ‘Value Pack.’ That package provides users with Premium Voicemail-to-Text or iPhone Visual Voicemail, Unlimited U.S. and international text messaging and Premium U.S. and international calling rate.

Update: Fido, Rogers’ sub-brand, has also brought back the program. The carrier notes, “Until May 31st, all new and existing customers can enrol in our Premium Device Protection program.”

To learn more, or sign up for any of the plans, head over to Rogers’ website, Fido