Facebook plans to release new tools to support ‘off-Facebook’ activity transparency

Facebook app

Facebook plans to release another tool that aims to help users manage ‘off-Facebook’ activity as well as actions performed on other apps and websites that is shared with the social network.

The feature was announced last year and now Facebook has launched it to “give people more transparency and control” over this type of data, according to the company.

Facebook said this will include “a list of the apps and websites someone visits that use our business tools such as the Facebook Pixel, SDK and API.”

Four main aspects will be featured in the approach, Facebook said.

Users will have more transparency and control, which in turn is “good for business.” Facebook said that when people know more about how their information is used “it improves the way they feel about ads and the businesses they interact with online.”

Users will know how advertisers use Facebook’s tools, and the social media giant is encouraging businesses to think of “ways to educate their customers about their marketing practices.” Facebook is welcoming “conversations with other businesses” about the approaches it takes.

Facebook adds that if a user disconnects their off-Facebook activity, then the company “won’t use the data they clear for targeting.” This means that targeting options that function through Facebook’s business tools “can’t be used to reach someone with ads.”

Facebook also intends to not change how it measures or produces analytics.

“We never share anyone’s personal information such as names or phone numbers, in our measurement and reporting tools and we don’t anticipate changes to measurement once this feature is live,” the company said in a recent press release.